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During July 2021, two units of our electric scissor lift trolley were hands over to our customer.

The electric scissor trolley is powered by battery for moving and lifting up and down. With capacity 1000kg, it helps to improve customer’s working efficiency greatly. Operator only need to control direction and turning direction by holding the control bar, the lift move smoothly here and there.

There is emergency stop button, operator could stop the lift in any emergency cases and the control mode is press and hold, as long as hands off, the lift action will stop at same time. There is operation alarm too, when lift is under operation, it gives signal and horn.

Intelligent charger will stop when battery is full, this will longer the life span of battery. Movable rails on platform could be installed when need.

Customer feedback now they use the electric scissor trolley everyday to move pallets and transfer products to van etc. 50% labor and cost saved from this. We are also glad our products are helpful.

Our electric scissor trolley lifts has many standard models which meet most requires from customer. Customize size and height also available too. This two units are also customized per customer’s requires. If you are also need such a lift trolley, pls find us freely for a quote!