200KGS Food Dumbwaiter Elevator in the Philippines

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You are currently viewing 200KGS Food Dumbwaiter Elevator in the Philippines

There is a 200kgs dumbwaiter elevator from LGLIFT now under installation at customer site in the Philippines.

The food dumbwaiter lift is installed in a shaft with limited dimensions, Width*Depth only 1060*1070mm, and its 180 degree loading. Normal design for this shaft will only allow cabin size 600mm width*650mm depth, while our drum-type design help to increase usable cabin size to 650mm width*750mm depth.

Window type/counter loading type dumbwaiter lifter is the most common type that suit for most hotels and restaurants. And floor loading type normally work together with a trolley cart used for luggage or big restaurants where many dishes will be transferred by cart.

As you may see there is another shaft reserved from above pic. That’s another unit dumbwaiter elevator customer want to install in future.

Frames of our dumbwaiter are zinc coated steels and the cabin is SS304 material. And the control system is the most advanced model with protection features.

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