1. Four post car lift outdoor use, designed for Jordan customer.

Travel height 5000mm, platform size 5500x2500mm, and load capacity 3000kg.

four post car lift
hydraulic car lift
4 post car lift

2. Four post car lift with turntable. Suittable for the place where is too narrow to adjust direction for cars. So the direction adjustment action finished on lift turntable.

Travel height 5000mm, load capacity 3000kg, platform size 6000x6000mm, turntable diameter 5500mm. 

car lift with turntable
four post car lift with turntable

3. Car elevator 3 floors 12m lifting height. Designed for Audi car factory in Shanghai.

Lifting height 12000mm, platform size 5500x2500mm with load capacity 3000kg.

four post car elevator