(2022 Updated) 5 Tips on Hydraulic Cargo Lift Maintenance

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“Who will perform the hydraulic cargo lift maintenance after the installation?”–many customers have this concern before they decide to buy a hydraulic freight lift from LGLIFT, from China. No company has agency or dealership in every country of the World. But in deed, with proper maintenance will effectively en-longer the life span and performance of a hydraulic cargo lift.

Here we want to say, this is no need to worry about at all! Today we will share 5 tips on regular maintaining of a hydraulic lift table. Follow them, your hydraulic table will not likely become defective!

1: Change the hydraulic oil in regular basis.

Be sure use anti-wearing hydraulic oil when changing oils. Based on using frequency and working situation, you better to change the oil every 6 months if there is dusty and high using frequency, such as 50 times per day. While for normal working conditions, change oil every 1-2 years will be good enough.

Anti wearing hydraulic oil if common to see in market and it is cheap. #32 in winter and # 46 in summer normally based on local temperatures.

2: Grease the chains and pulley on regular basis.

Grease the leaf chains and pulley every 3-6month, this will help to keep the good performance of lift, more lubrication and less frictions. LGLIFT provides you 2 small bags grease for each lift when shipping.

3: Check local voltage input and electric quick-wear parts on regular basis.

Check the operation condition for the hydraulic lift on regular basis, like one time each month. Especially when the lift has not been used for a long time, make sure to check overall working before put load.

Some electric parts might need change with time going on, or will broken when the voltage input is not stable. Make sure the limited switches and safety switch are working normal.

2pcs limited switches for each model applied to the lift, 3pcs press buttons are provided for each lift from LGLIFT, customer could make quick change at site. Also the electric parts are easy found on market in each country.

hydraulic cargo lift

4: Check if there is any leakage on cylinders.

Check and see if there is any leakage on cylinders. If yes, then need to change seal rings inside the cylinder. There are 2pcs seal rings coming along with LGLIFT’S package when shipping. Small tip pls make sure the lift running at least one time a week, this will helpful. Don’t put it way, let it run!

5: Check and see if there is any loosen of leaf chains.

Tighten chains if there is any loosen. Since with time running and using, chain might get loosen a little.

Above 5 quick tips are very useful and easy to operate on how to do regular maintenance of a hydraulic lift table. Did you get? Follow them, your hydraulic lift will not easy goes to defective!