Mobile aerial working platform refers to aerial work platforms that could be moved here and there for easy working. There are mainly 5 main models for choice. Usually customer could choose an lifting equipment based on its operation place and the work it need to perform. Here are the 5 main models for mobile aerial work platforms:

  1. Mobile Scissor lift

This scissor lift is manually moved and the table size and loading capacity is normally big, as much as 500kg, meanwhile its price is not high. Mobile scissor lift is a perfect choice for those customer that need more loading capacity and limited budget. The disadvantages is the lift might be heavy to move, some times it need several people or forklift to move. To fix this, customer could also choose a lift with battery assist easy moving, so one person could move and turn the lift easier.

2. Mobile Aluminum Man Lift

The mobile aluminum man lift is another vertical mobile lift that used for aerial work. Main difference with mobile scissor lift is they are lighter, since the main material is aluminum. Another difference is this type of aluminum lift normally has small work platforms, the table size suit for one or two person with some light tools, the loading capacity normally less than 200-250kg. Advantage of such lift is they are compact and light, very friendly to stock and move, suit for bank, office, factory etc.

3. Electric scissor lift

Electric scissor lift also named self-propelled scissor lift, just as the name suggests, they could move by itself. Using battery as its moving and working power supply, the lift could be moved when lifted up, operator does not need to get off platform and move the lift when at ground. Also compared with mobile scissor lift, electric scissor lifts does not have the 4 supporting legs. As the most advanced design, electric scissor lift is more safe and convenient for aerial works. Customer who does not have budget concern often choose this model.

4. Electric aluminum man lift

Similar to electric scissor lift, electric aluminum man lift is the advanced edition of mobile aluminum lift. They are also powered by battery power and the most advantage is they are more compact and light than electric scissor lift. Usually they are only used for one man, so they are also called one man lift. The working height for electric man lift normally will be less than 12M

5. Telescope man lift

Telescope man lift is another design of vertical man lift. The work platform suit for one or 2 person only and the loading capacity is 150kg-200kg. Compared with above 4 model of lifts, the most advantage of this lift is its lifting height could be very high, from 6m to 40m high. While for boom lifts with same working height, the cost will be much more than telescope lifts. Customer need to consider their actual needs and choose proper lift, since compared with boom lifts, the disadvantages also obvious, such as small working scope, less capacity etc.

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