7M Freight Lift for Production Factory

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“With application of this hydraulic freight lift, our production efficiency has been highly improved! Previously we don’t have enough space of store finished products, and have to wait and push delivery to have more space. Now, we built mezzanine, there we have double space to stock our finished products. This cargo lift keeps moving up and down everyday, save us time and efforts of loading work. We can’t imagine what happen without it, we can’t live without it! “–This is feedback of one of our customers.

Low cost, high performance, easy maintain, durable and reliable are the most outstanding features of LG hydraulic cargo lifts. We are proud to hear those positive evaluation and will continually deliver value to our customers.

This is a typical cargo lift for warehouse. Full enclosed cabin on platform, full or semi height enclosure on each floor could be customized too. Some customer also choose electric roller shutter doors on landing floor, to save opening space.

We could provide detailed solution and 3D drawings for your site, to make sure the lift fit for site space perfectly.

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