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Cargo Lift

Cargo lift is a heavy duty material lift that designed to transport various production materials, machines, vehicles, pallets or forklifts between different floors, suit for commercial buildings, garages, warehouses, factory plants, industrial spaces, retail stores, racking systems, restaurants, mezzanines and shopping centers.

Cargo lift capacity could be from 1tons to 50tons. Available table size with wide range and capable of up 6 stops and up to 30 meters.

How to Buy a Cargo lift

Are you looking for a cargo lift buying guide to take your business to another level? We wrote something that may help you to find the best cargo lift solution!
Whether you are a warehouse owner, construction manager, or elevator company, production factory, logistic center or personal garage etc., you may heard of cargo lift.
Cargo lift or goods lift, freight elevator, you can name it either way, are machine tools that help you transfer material up and down. It is always the best choice to improve efficiency in warehouse. But when you want to buy one for your work, you may feel blank and don’t know where to start. I wrote some factors to consider before buying a cargo lift and installation guide for you. Let’s  begin.
Cargo lift is a fixed freight elevator and a non-scissor freight elevator. It is suitable for the transfer of goods between the second and third floors of industrial plants, restaurants, and restaurants. Especially suitable for workplaces where pits cannot be excavated. No upper lifting point is required. The machine runs smoothly, the operation is simple and reliable, with hydraulic and electrical protection, and cargo transportation is economical and convenient.

cargo lift struction

Following are the main components of LG cargo lift.
Cross Beam: to make sure lead rails are stable and firm.
Lead Rails: the moving guild railings for the platform table.
Leaf Chains: to lift up the platform table.
Hoisting Frame: the mechanism fixed with cylinders, moving along lead rails.
Hydraulic Cylinder: stretch out and draw back, so hoisting frame and chains move together.
Swing Gate & Railings: safety protections for cargo on platform.
Platform Table: to transfer cargo up and down between floors.
Based on the structure, cargo lift can be divided into two post cargo lift, four post cargo lift, cargo lift with mesh cover or fully caged cargo lift.
According to the application and use scenario, cargo lift mainly includes mezzanine lift, car parking lift, storage cargo lift, warehouse cargo lift, wall mounted lift.
You can easily tell the difference according to cargo lift’s name.
In general, we can make a quotation using only three parameters, which are lifting height, site dimension and load capacity. Those are the core numbers making you a customized cargo lift. But there are other parameters you should care about.
The weight and volume of each load task.
You can measure it to fit your working condition
The distance cargo lift goes up
It determines the outer size of the whole lift
It determines the maximum load capacity
Electricity standards are different across counties. Normally we do 200V/50Hz
Learn these parameters and it will help you get the suitable lift.
Cargo lift prices range from $3500 to $15000 based on its specifications and optional parts.
Generally speaking, the higher cargo lift goes, the higher its price goes. It is because of different hydraulic cylinder performance.
If you need additional safety parts like overload warning or fully wiremesh protection outside the lift, that would be another fee to cost. If you want to learn more about goods lift overloading protection or fully caged protection, check out our further blog.
Since most of the time our clients install lifts by themselves, we will not count installation fees in.
The final step is calculating shipping prices.
Adding all these fees , I believe you can get the lift at a reasonable price.
Our aim is to make the lift easy to use, even including installation. Following is the overview of goods lift installation guide.
  1. Platform put in installation site
  1. Lead rails erect up and fix on upper and bottom
  1. Chain and wire rope on lead rails connect with platform
  1. Connect oil rope with cylinder and pumps
  1. Carrying idler and debugging the cargo lift.
  1. Limited switches fix
  1. Fix the lead rails with walls on upper, send floor and botton like pic below
  1. Loading test
You can easily install the lift with our guide. We will have further detailed manual on this link.

Many customers have this concern before they decide to buy a hydraulic freight lift from LGLIFT about how to main the machine. Here we have made 5 maintain tips  to help you do the work. 

Cargo lift can greatly improve warehouse efficiency .They are widely used for commercial buildings, garages, warehouses, factory plants, industrial spaces, retail stores, racking systems, restaurants, mezzanines and shopping centers. It is very useful for material dealing work in construction and production factories. Hydraulic cargo lifts featured with heavy load duty, low cost, easy install and maintain.It is designed to operate easily and safely. You can use check and measure the parameters of the working condition, then get a customized solution from us.

Cargo Lift Application

Cargo lift is widely used in indoor or outdoor places of the buildings and warehouses to lift goods or pallets between floors.

Paramenters for Model List

Model Capacity Platform size W*D Lifting height Pit W*L*D Motor power Power supply V
LGH2-3 2000kg 2000x2000mm 3000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH2-5 2000kg 2000x2000mm 5000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH2-7 2000kg 2000x2000mm 7000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH2-9 2000kg 2000x2000mm 9000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH3-3 3000kg 2000x3000mm 3000mm 2650*3160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH3-5 3000kg 2000x3000mm 5000mm 2650*3160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH3-7 3000kg 2000x3000mm 7000mm 2650*3160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH3-9 3000kg 2000x3000mm 9000mm 2650*3160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH5-3 5000kg 3000x3000mm 3000mm 3700x3160x350mm 5.5KW 220/240/380/415
LGH5-5 5000kg 3000x3000mm 5000mm 3700x3160x350mm 5.5KW 220/240/380/415
LGH5-7 5000kg 3000x3000mm 7000mm 3700x3160x350mm 5.5KW 220/240/380/415
LGH5-9 5000kg 3000x3000mm 9000mm 3700x3160x350mm 5.5KW 220/240/380/415
For reference choice only, customize available per loading capacity, platform size and travel height

3D Custom lift Design

3D sketch drawing brings customer real experience and helps the customer understand the cargo lift better. Customer is welcomed to send us site pictures, showing us the site condition where the lift is supposed to be installed. Our engineer will make designs of the cargo lift properly. This shows the customer the real effect of how the cargo lift will be installed and how does it looks like.

Standard Features

✅ Commercial and industrial applications
✅ 4post design
✅ Standard Max. 2000kgs loading capacity
✅ Upper and lower landing limits
✅ Upper safety limit
✅ 24V DC safety control circuit
✅ Outwards opening railings with interlock*1.2M height
✅ Digital control panel on each landing stop
✅ Manual lower down valve when power off
✅ Explosive-proof valve
✅ 4-5m/min. Lifting speed, down speed adjustable
✅ 200-250mm minimum pit
✅ 5 year warranty on main structural components (indoor use)
✅ 1 year warranty electrical components

Optional Features

✅ Overload warning device
✅ Fixed access ramp(for pit-less application)
✅ 2M railing and gate on platform (cabin)
✅ Motor station protection box
✅ Semi height on floor or fully caged
✅ enclosure wire mesh protections
✅ Electrical roller shutter landing doors

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