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Dock leveler

Used as a smooth connection between loading bay and container/trucks, the hydraulic dock leveler is a high performance lifting system that operate by only 1 button. The robust steel material provide strong mechanical supports and they deck and lip cylinders are flexible and efficient. 5ton-14tons capacity satisfy most of normal requires for any loading mission. Easy and less maintenance requires help to lower ownership cost while increasing operating efficiency.

DOCK LEVELER Application

Hydraulic dock leveler is used as a smooth connection between loading bay and container/trucks

Model List

Model Capacity Overall dimension Working range Motor Power
LGDL6 6000KG 2.0*2.5*0.58M +350/-310MM 0.75KW AC power for Up & Down
LGDL8 8000KG 2.0*2.5*0.58M +350/-310MM 0.75KW
LGDL10 10000KG 2.0*2.5*0.58M +350/-310MM 0.75KW
LGDL12 12000KG 2.0*2.5*0.58M +350/-310MM 0.75KW
LGDL14 14000KG 2.0*2.5*0.58M +350/-310MM 0.75KW
For reference choice only, customize available per loading capacity, platform size and travel height

Bulk Production

Standard Features

✅ 6T 8T 10T 12T 14T for choice
✅ Deck size 2000*2500mm, Lip 400mm
✅ +350/-310mm operating range
✅ Checkered steel anti-skid running surface of deck
✅ 8-14mm thick strong steel plate as lip board
✅ 1 Button easy control
✅ 2 Pcs high wear resistance bumper blocks
✅ Safety skirt plates /safety toe guards on sides of dock leveler
✅ Safety maintenance and inspection strut supports deck and lip
✅ Good rust prevention after shot-blasting and powder coating
✅ Low cost ownership

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