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Four post cargo lift

Four post cargo lift works same with guild rail type cargo lift, while it has higher reach of heights max to 30M. The access for loading and unloading goods could be four sides on platform, the space of platform is larger for loading goods.

LGLIFT will propose proper solution per customer specific needs accordingly. Free design and solution per site require is available. Site pictures, videos and drawings will be helpful to provide accurate and proper design to suit customer’s special needs.


Four-post cargo lifts are mainly used for goods transferring between different levels of floors. Both in door and outdoor are available.

Model List

Model Capacity Platform size W*D Lifting height Pit W*L*D Motor power Power supply V
LGH2-3 2000kg 2000x2000mm 3000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH2-5 2000kg 2000x2000mm 5000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH2-7 2000kg 2000x2000mm 7000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH2-9 2000kg 2000x2000mm 9000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH3-3 3000kg 2000x3000mm 3000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH3-5 3000kg 2000x3000mm 5000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH3-7 3000kg 2000x3000mm 7000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH3-9 3000kg 2000x3000mm 9000mm 2650*2160*300mm 4KW 220/240/380/415
LGH5-3 5000kg 3000x3000mm 3000mm 2700x2160x350mm 5.5KW 220/240/380/415
LGH5-5 5000kg 3000x3000mm 5000mm 2700x2160x350mm 5.5KW 220/240/380/415
LGH5-7 5000kg 3000x3000mm 7000mm 2700x2160x350mm 5.5KW 220/240/380/415
LGH5-9 5000kg 3000x3000mm 9000mm 2700x2160x350mm 5.5KW 220/240/380/415
For reference choice only, customize available per loading capacity, platform size and travel height

3D Custom Design

3D sketch drawing brings customer real experience and helps the customer understand the Four post cargo lift better. Customer is welcomed to send us site pictures, showing us the site condition where the lift is supposed to be installed. Our engineer will make designs of the scissor lift table properly. This shows the customer the real effect of how the Four post cargo lift will be installed and how does it looks like.

Standard Features

✅ 4 Heavy Duty Posts
✅ Anti-drop when platform level with floor
✅ Heavy duty leaf chains
✅ Back up wire rope for safety
✅ PLC control box 
✅ Safety backup limited switch
✅ 24V Safety control circuit
✅ Side railings on platform
✅ Digital control pane on each landing stop
✅ Manual lower valve
✅ Emergency stop
✅ Explosive-proof valve
✅ Pit install, pit depth 200mm
✅ 5 year warranty on main structure (indoor use)
✅ 1 year warranty electrical components

Optional Features

✅ Overload/Working warning alarm
✅ Motor station protection box
✅ Electric roller shutter landing doors
✅ SS304 Cabin on platform (No door on cabin)
✅ Wire mesh protections outside lift
✅ Remote control

Four-post Cargo Lift Video

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