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Freight lift

Freight lift is a compact and cost effective freight lift designed to transport light materials or pallets or tools between levels of commercial buildings or homes or warehouses etc. Suit for industrial spaces, retail stores, restaurants, veterinary clinics, etc.

This lift transports freight capacity up to 1000kgs. Available table size max. to 1.4*1.8M and capable of up 4stops and up to 12 Meters. The unit can be ordered in choice of a standard sized platform or custom sized. The loading and unloading could be 3 sides, flexible adjustable per customer sites

Freight lift Application

Freight lift is widely used in indoor or outdoor places of the buildings and warehouses to lift goods or pallets between floors.

Model List

Model Capacity Platform size W*D Lifting height Pit W*L*D Motor power Power supply V
LGH0.5-3 500kg 1000x1000mm 3000mm 1300*1160*200mm 2.2KW 220/240/380/415
LGH0.5-5 500kg 1000x1000mm 6000mm 1300*1160*200mm 2.2KW 220/240/380/415
LGH0.5-7 500kg 1000x1000mm 8000mm 1300*1160*200mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH0.5-9 500kg 1000x1000mm 10000mm 1300*1160*200mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH1-3 1000kg 1200x1500mm 3000mm 1350*1660*300mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH1-4 1000kg 1200x1500mm 4000mm 1350*1660*300mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH1-5 1000kg 1200x1500mm 5000mm 1350*1660*300mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH1-6 1000kg 1200x1500mm 6000mm 1350*1660*300mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH1-7 1000kg 1200x1500mm 7000mm 1350*1660*300mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH1-8 1000kg 1200x1500mm 8000mm 1350*1660*300mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH1-9 1000kg 1200x1500mm 9000mm 1350*1660*300mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
LGH1-10 1000kg 1200x1500mm 10000mm 1350*1660*300mm 3KW 220/240/380/415
For reference choice only, customize available per loading capacity, platform size and travel height

3D Custom Design

3D sketch drawing brings customer real experience and helps the customer understand the cargo lift better. Customer is welcomed to send us site pictures, showing us the site condition where the lift is supposed to be installed. Our engineer will make designs of the cargo lift properly. This shows the customer the real effect of how the cargo lift will be installed and how does it looks like.

Standard Features

✅ 2post design
✅ Standard Max. 300kgs loading capacity
✅ Upper and lower landing limits
✅ Upper safety limit
✅ 24V DC safety control circuit
✅ Outwards opening railings with interlock*1.2M height
✅ Digital control panel on each landing stop
✅ Manual lower down valve when power off
✅ Explosive-proof valve
✅ 4-5m/min. Lifting speed, down speed adjustable
✅ 200-250mm minimum pit
✅ 5 year warranty on main structural components (indoor use)
✅ 1 year warranty electrical components

Optional Features

✅ Overload warning device
✅ Fixed access ramp(for pit-less application)
✅ 2M railing and gate on platform (cabin)
✅ Motor station protection box
✅ Semi height on floor or fully caged
✅ enclosure wire mesh protections
✅ Electrical roller shutter landing doors

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