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Hydraulic Home Lift

A hydraulic home lift is designed for low-rise travels indoor or outdoor. LG LIFT provide people with wheelchair and an accompany safely move up and down between two or more floors. This vertical lift platform suit for pubic and commercial buildings as well as private houses, widely used as wheelchair accessible passage at public places and homes, villa, balcony, basement.

Equip with all-round safety devices, elegant and humanized exterior design, wheelchair lift by LG LIFT is perfect choice for your home or public supporting facilities.

Hydraulic Home Lift​ Application

Hydraulic home lift are mainly used for lifting people between different levels of floors. Both in door and outdoor are available.

Model List

Model Capacity Platform size Lifting height Motor power Min. Height Power supply V
LGW-2.5 250KG 1300x900mm 2500mm 1.5KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-3 250KG 1300x900mm 3000mm 1.5KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-3.5 250KG 1300x900mm 3500mm 1.5KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-4 250KG 1300x900mm 4000mm 1.5KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-4.5 250KG 1300x900mm 4500mm 1.5KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-5 250KG 1300x900mm 5000mm 1.5KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-5.5 250KG 1300x900mm 5500mm 1.5KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-6 250KG 1300x900mm 6000mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-6.5 250KG 1300x900mm 6500mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-7 250KG 1300x900mm 7000mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-7.5 250KG 1300x900mm 7500mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-8 250KG 1300x900mm 8000mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-8.5 250KG 1300x900mm 8500mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-9 250KG 1300x900mm 9000mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-9.5 250KG 1300x900mm 9500mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
LGW-10 250KG 1300x900mm 10000mm 2.2KW 80~100mm 220/240/380/415
For reference choice only, customize available per loading capacity, platform size and travel height

3D Custom Design

3D sketch drawing brings customer real experience and helps the customer understand the Vertical Platform Lifts better. Customer is welcomed to send us site pictures, showing us the site condition where the lift is supposed to be installed. Our engineer will make designs of the scissor lift table properly. This shows the customer the real effect of how the Vertical Platform Lifts will be installed and how does it looks like.

Standard Features

✅ Mechanical props for safe and secure maintenance
✅ Aluminum material suit for both indoor & outdoor
✅ Stable moving experience-PLC control with sleepless speed changes
✅ Non-pit easy installation
✅ Interlocking of all gates to lift
✅ Emergency stop button
✅ Manual lower down valve
✅ Mute motor station-low noise and high efficiency
✅ Low maintenance frequency and cost
✅ Anti explosive valve-protect platform fast lower down in case of hose burst
✅ Duplex stainless steel oil hose-safe and reliable
✅ Lower down speed adjust valve
✅ Safety trip bar

Wide range of options & accessories to meet the individual requirements for lift tables.

✅ Enclosed cabin on platform
✅ Fully enclosed shaft outside lift
✅ Landing door
✅ 0°/90°/180°access



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