What Parameters to Consider When Buying a Wheelchair Lift

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When you need to know the price of a wheelchair lift or buy a wheelchair lift, you should pay attention to these important parameters. Because these parameters determine whether the wheelchair lift can meet your needs, when providing these parameters, please strictly measure the actual working conditions. Only by using these parameters can you find the wheelchair lift that best suits your needs.
The following is an introduction to the important parameters

lifting height

The lift height determines whether the wheelchair lift can get you to the intended location. Too much or too little lifting height cannot better help people with disabilities to move without barriers. Therefore, it is important to strictly measure the height of the stairs (for vertical platform wheelchair lifts) or the length of the slope of the stairs (for inclined platform wheelchair lifts).

specified load

The rated load refers to the maximum load capacity of the platform lift. It depends on your daily usage, if you often ship heavier items, you need a larger load rating.

Lifting speed

The lifting speed refers to the lifting height of the wheelchair lift per minute. The speed of lifting should depend on your on-site working conditions. If your lifting height is high, you need to increase the lifting speed.

platform size

Platform size refers to the size of the platform on which the wheelchair will be placed. Customization of these parameters should depend on the size of the wheelchair. Larger wheelchairs require a larger platform size.

Machine size

The size of the machine needs to be determined according to the size of your installation location. Compared with outdoor platform lifts, indoor wheelchair lifts have higher requirements for machine size.

supply voltage

The choice of power source depends on your region. Different regions have different power supply voltages. For example, China is 220V, Britain is 240v, and there are 380v, 415v, and so on.

Drive System

The drive system of wheelchair lifts is usually hydraulic. According to Pascal’s principle, the DC or AC motor of the wheelchair lift provides power, and the wheelchair platform is driven up or down through hydraulic oil.
The parameters of the above wheelchair lifts can be customized according to the actual working conditions. Therefore, data measurement of the installation environment should be carried out before purchasing a wheelchair lift. Of course, you can also directly find the manufacturer, provide your working conditions, and let them recommend a suitable wheelchair lift.