Reliable Heavy Duty 2Ton Cargo Lift with Cabin and Enclosure

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One of our 2ton cargo lift is under installation at customer site. Here are some brief introduction for this freight lift:

  1. This is a heavy duty hydraulic cargo lift with enclosed cabin and full wire mesh protection enclosures. Currently, the installation of cargo lift and cabin has been finished. Next step will be install the wire mesh frames and doors.
  2. Usable cabin size 1.8*1.8m width*depth, suit for pallets with pallet truck. Travel height 8.5m with 3 stops.
  3. All doors on platform cabin and the enclosures are interlocked with the lift operation, only when all the doors are closed well could the lift be operated up and down. Safety has been always the first priority consideration when we design a lift.
  4. 125% safety ratio also ensure the lifts work in good and safe condition. The installation is quick since our customer has a professional installation team, also main parts of the lift such as hydraulic cylinders, chains and wire ropes are pre-installed before delivery.

Hydraulic cargo lift platform is wisely used for factory, warehouse, home, logistic center, mezzanine floors. With help of our reliable hydraulic freight lift, material transfer becomes easier and more safe.

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