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Scissor Lift tables

Scissor Lift tables are used for lifting and lowering loads at required heights in safe conditions for the operator.

Main components are the top platform, the lower frame, the scissor system activated by one or more cylinders. Scissor lift tables have become a commonly used type of equipment in many different industries.

In many cases they represent the best solution for the manual load handling, in full observance of the European standards with regards to functioning, cost saving, safety and health of operators during work.

LIFT TABLE Application

Scissor Lift tables are mainly used for warehouse goods lifting between different levels of floors. Both in door and outdoor are available.

Model List

Model Capacity Platform size Lifting height Motor power Min. Height Power supply V
LGS1-2 1000KG 2000x1500mm 2000mm 3KW 400mm 220/240/380/415
LGS1-2.5 1000KG 2000x1500mm 2500mm 3KW 400mm 220/240/380/415
LGS1-3 1000KG 2000x1500mm 3000mm 3KW 520mm 220/240/380/415
LGS1-3.5 1000KG 2000x1500mm 3500mm 3KW 520mm 220/240/380/415
LGS1-4 1000KG 2000x1500mm 4000mm 3KW 630mm 220/240/380/415
LGS1-4.5 1000KG 2000x1500mm 4500mm 3KW 630mm 220/240/380/415
LGS1-5 1000KG 2000x1500mm 5000mm 3KW 630mm 220/240/380/415
LGS2-2 2000KG 2500x1500mm 2000mm 4KW 520mm 220/240/380/415
LGS2-2.5 2000KG 2500x1500mm 2500mm 4KW 520mm 220/240/380/415
LGS2-3 2000KG 2500x1500mm 3000mm 4KW 520mm 220/240/380/415
LGS2-3.5 2000KG 2500x1500mm 3500mm 4KW 680mm 220/240/380/415
LGS2-4 2000KG 2500x1500mm 4000mm 4KW 680mm 220/240/380/415
LGS2-4.5 2000KG 2500x1500mm 4500mm 4KW 680mm 220/240/380/415
LGS2-5 2000KG 2500x1500mm 5000mm 4KW 830mm 220/240/380/415
LGS3-2 3000KG 3000x2000mm 2000mm 4KW 640mm 220/240/380/415
LGS3-2.5 3000KG 3000x2000mm 2500mm 4KW 640mm 220/240/380/415
LGS3-3 3000KG 3000x2000mm 3000mm 4KW 640mm 220/240/380/415
LGS3-3.5 3000KG 3000x2000mm 3500mm 4KW 640mm 220/240/380/415
LGS3-4 3000KG 3000x2000mm 4000mm 4KW 840mm 220/240/380/415
LGS3-4.5 3000KG 3000x2000mm 4500mm 4KW 840mm 220/240/380/415
LGS3-5 3000KG 3000x2000mm 5000mm 4KW 840mm 220/240/380/415
LGS4-2 4000KG 4000x2000mm 2000mm 5.5KW 480mm 220/240/380/415
LGS4-2.5 4000KG 4000x2000mm 2500mm 5.5KW 480mm 220/240/380/415
LGS4-3 4000KG 4000x2000mm 3000mm 5.5KW 680mm 220/240/380/415
LGS4-3.5 4000KG 4000x2000mm 3500mm 5.5KW 680mm 220/240/380/415
LGS4-4 4000KG 4000x2000mm 4000mm 5.5KW 680mm 220/240/380/415
For reference choice only, customize available per loading capacity, platform size and travel height

3D Custom Design

3D sketch drawing brings customer real experience and helps the customer understand the scissor lift table better. Customer is welcomed to send us site pictures, showing us the site condition where the lift is supposed to be installed. Our engineer will make designs of the scissor lift table properly. This shows the customer the real effect of how the scissor lift table will be installed and how does it looks like.

Standard Features

✅ Mechanical props for safe and secure maintenance
✅ Press to run control panel*3m with Emergency stop
✅ Manual lower down valve when power off
✅ 3-4m/min. Lifting speed, down speed adjustable
✅ 5 year warranty on main structural components
✅ 1 year warranty electrical components
✅ Aluminum profile safety trip bars
✅ 24V DC safety control circuit
✅ Adjustable limit switches
✅ Tested to+25% overload
✅ Safety backup switch
✅ Hose burst valves
✅ Lifting hooks
✅ Flow valve

Optional Features

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