Scissor lift with safety skirt get PE approval in SG

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This week, a scissor lift with safety skirt from LGLIFT delivered to customer site at Singapore, and the scissor table got local PE approval for put into use.

The scissor lift table is customized per customer needs. Main specification listed here for reference:

  1. Rated capacity 2000kgs and safety ratio 125%;
  2. Overall size for the platform is 2200*2100mm;
  3. Height min. 300mm to max. 1500mm, total travel stroke is 1200mm;
  4. Hydraulic motor station 2.2kw with power input 415v 50hz 3phase.

There are many necessary safety protections features of LG SCISSOR LIFT, here also listed for your info:

  1. 5mm thick checkered steel plate which is anti-skid;
  2. 1m high safety railings along scissor platform length sides;
  3. Safety skirt*4sides covering the whole structures, protect people from get into the X structure, also the PVC material skirt is dust proof, water and oil proof.
  4. Standard E-emergency stop for each lift;
  5. Manual lower down valve help to lower down platform when there is sudden power off or emergency issue;
  6. Lowering down speed is also adjustable.

Control mode for such scissor dock lift normally is press and control, so the lift starts moving when operator press the up button and stop moving when release pressing button. For easier operation , there is a wired control panel on platform. Wireless controller also available per requires.

Find LGLIFT freely if there is any need of scissor lifts!