The Structure of Wheelchair Platform Lift

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The structure of the wheelchair lift is relatively simple, mainly composed of a platform, a track, and a driving device. Many manufacturers will add more auxiliary functions to this disabled access lift, or optimize the local structure. But in general, the above three parts are the main structure of the elevator for the disabled.

Wheelchair Platform

The wheelchair platform restrains the wheelchair, which means that the wheelchair is always restricted to a fixed position when the wheelchair lift is running. The wheelchair platform is made of steel structural parts, which have sufficient strength and rigidity. The wheelchair platform includes steel plates, safety rails, movable panels, safety baffles, etc.

Drive and traction system

The wheelchair lift can be driven by hydraulic pressure, screw drive, AC motor drive, or DC motor drive. The common transmission methods of lifting platforms include rope ball chain traction type, roller type, and rack and pinion transmission type.

The Orbit

The rails are fixed to the stair surface. The guide rails and supports are made of steel, which has strong hardness and good toughness, which can ensure the safety of the platform even when the rated load is exceeded. And the surface of the guide rail has good anti-corrosion performance, which can be durable no matter whether it is outdoors or in a humid environment.

Wheelchair Platform Control Panel

The wheelchair platform control panel is placed inside the wheelchair lift, including the main power switch, up relay, down relay, intermediate relay, time relay, etc.

Platform Call Operating Device

Wheelchair lifts generally adopt microcomputer control methods to realize various automatic controls on the movements of the lifting platform. Including the automatic retraction of the platform, the automatic retraction of the guardrail, and the call and return of the platform. According to the operation mode, there are two ways of platform call operation: panel control and remote control.

Safety Equipment

The safety devices of wheelchair lifts mainly include a speed limiter switch, side panel switch, bottom panel switch, guardrail switch, limit switch, limit switch, brake device, bypass switch, etc. Safety devices are the most important part of the hydraulic home lift, various switches, testing equipment, and monitoring devices ensure its safe and stable operation.

The detailed structure is shown in the figure below