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As sites become smaller and more councils enforce safer vehicle movements, the challenges of designing a space including all the necessities becomes easier with a turntable.

Turntables designed into space restricted projects on busy roads, battleaxe blocks or with the need to consider user comfort, or aging in place will benefit the end user while also making extra room for a better design.

Turntables also help Car Dealerships, Retailers, Car Shows and Car Showrooms for car display.

Turntable Application

A car turntable with rotating platform is an ideal car parking solution for residences with a narrow driveway, also help Car Dealerships, Retailers, Car Shows and Car Showrooms for car display.

Model List

Model LGQ4-5
Drive mode Electric motor
Diameter 1.2-35m *can be customized according to customers’ requirements
Load capacity 1-20ton *can be customized according to customers’ requirements
Motor power 0.75kw *can be customized according to customers’ requirements
Power supply AC110V/220V/240V/380V/400V/415V
Turning speed 0.2-2rpm (speed control adjustable)
Turning angle 360 degree with both direction
Min. height 300~350mm
Finishing Powder coating
Product Color Grey, blue, black, yellow, white
Platform surface Standard: checkered steel plate Optional: MDF board/Plywood/Aluminum plate
Operation mode Button&Remote, Clockwise/Anti-clockwise flexible control (PLC control)
Metal processing Laser cutting
Optional Platform up and down while rotation

Turntables Integrated with Scissor Lifts

In some cases, turntable is equipped with scissor lift to realize specific application. For example, turntables Integrated with a Car lift to transfer cars between different levels and use turntable to change drive-in & drive-out directions, where the place is narrow and restricted; used for production line and packing process to save labour; lifting cars up and down while turntable turning for display cars, and so on. 

3D Custom Design

 LG LIFT will be available to you with open communications from our engineering staff, providing 2-D and 3-D plans that outline everything from site preparation to project completion.

Standard features

✅ Quite and smooth moving
✅ Free control of turning direction and angle
✅ Flexible choice of table surface
✅ Emergency stop button
✅ Easy and fast installation
✅ Small packing size
✅ Safety control voltage
✅ 10 year warranty on mechanical structures

Car Turntable Video

Scissor lift Integrated with Turntable Video

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