What are the Types of Wheelchair Lift?

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Home lifts can be classified into various types according to different standards, and each type of wheelchair lift has its characteristics.

Classified by structure

Scissor-type barrier-free lift
The scissor lifting mechanism is adopted, hydraulically driven, and the lifting and translation are safe. The exterior adopts blind-style stainless steel countertops and guardrails, which are small and beautiful. It is installed in the supporting machine pit of the equipment. The platform is flush with the road surface and does not hinder the surrounding environment. The scissor lift is suitable for installation on a bus with steps, or a large caravan. The device is installed inside the pedal of the vehicle, and it will not affect the normal use of the vehicle when it is stored. The equipment adopts a hydraulic lifting system, the lifting process is safe and stable, and it is equipped with a manual device, which can be manually operated in an emergency when the equipment fails, and the equipment can be restored to the original storage position.
Aluminum alloy barrier-free lift
Steel structure hydraulic drive, aluminum alloy profile, multi-section vertical guide system, four-point synchronous lifting, safe lifting, and translation, external brushed stainless steel material, and aluminum plate electrostatic sprayed plastic chassis/panel, small and beautiful appearance.
Guide rail barrier-free lift
It is mainly used in public places such as villas, communities, subway stations, etc. It is convenient for the disabled to get on and off the wheelchair. It is equipped with a tongue plate, which is convenient for the wheelchair to go up and down. The guide rail structure is easy to operate, the equipment runs smoothly, and can realize multi-point control.
It adopts a steel structure vertical guide system or scissor lift structure, hydraulic drive, a closed shaft is installed on the outside, a safety door is installed at the entrance and exit, and the platform runs up and down in the closed shaft. Once the operator’s hand leaves the button, the electromagnetic brake will be activated immediately, so that the stair climbing elevator will automatically stop in place without slipping. Just use the seat belt to fix the occupant’s chest and feet on the seat, and you don’t have to worry about the danger of the occupant slipping off.
After the wheelchair is loaded, if the fixed frame is not completely locked, the switch of the stair lift will not be activated. When moving on the stairs, once the operator’s hand leaves the button, the electromagnetic brake will be activated immediately, so that the stair climber will automatically stop in place. In the case that the seat belt is not fully fastened, the stair climber will not be able to start.

Classified by installation location

Indoor vertical wheelchair platform lift
An indoor vertical platform lift operates much like an elevator installed in a shaft or hoistway. While wheelchair vertical platform lifts are similar to elevators in installation, they are much less expensive. Certain manufacturers offer custom options for vertical platform lifts, making them more like home elevators.
Outdoor vertical wheelchair platform lift
Outdoor vertical platforms may include a factory-made enclosure that protects the user from the weather and keeps the lift dry. The shell acts as a shaft access inside the unit, with doors added for entry or exit.
Classified by function
Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift
The vertical platform lift can be operated by a wall-mounted button or a remote control. For maximum safety, it will not start unless the cab door is closed.
lifting wheelchair lift
Crane wheelchair lifts are less common than other types of lifts and are most often used to lift a wheelchair or scooter to a vehicle without a person sitting in it. A crane lift has no platform and works much like a construction crane. The base mounts to the back of a van or inside a van with a swivel arm and is used to raise a wheelchair or scooter to the level of the vehicle and then lower the wheelchair securely for safe transport.
Inclined platform wheelchair lift
Moves up and down in an escalator-like motion. Like vertical platform lifts, inclined platform wheelchair lifts are designed to transport a person in a seat.

Classified by ride

chair lift
The chair stair lift is mainly used for people with reduced mobility to go up and down stairs.
wheelchair platform lift
Wheelchair platform stairlifts are mainly used for wheelchair users to provide up and down-stairs service.