What are the Important Parameters of Scissor Lift

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Several important parameters should be paid attention to when purchasing a scissor lift. These parameters determine whether you can find the right equipment for your working conditions. Below is a detailed description of these parameters.


Load weight

The load refers to the maximum lifting weight of the scissor lift. When you’re choosing a scissor lift, it’s important to know the maximum weight you’ll need. For example, when purchasing a car scissor lift, you need to choose according to the maximum weight of the car. When buying a double-deck scissor car lift, you need to choose a product based on the total weight of the two cars. Choosing a scissor lift with too large load capacity will cause additional costs, and too small load capacity will not be able to meet your needs safely and efficiently.


platform size

The platform size refers to the part that carries the cargo. The size of the platform needs to be determined according to the size of the cargo you need to carry or the size of the pit. For example, if you buy a loading hydraulic dock lift, you may need to make a reasonable choice based on the size of the container or the maximum size of the lifted cargo. If you are buying a garage car lift, you should calculate the size of the excavated pit, and choose the appropriate platform size according to the size of the pit to ensure that the contact gap between the table and the pit is within a reasonable range.


Lifting height

Lifting height refers to the maximum height to which the cargo can be lifted. The lifting height needs to be determined according to the actual working conditions. For example, for a static scissor lift installed in a pit, the maximum lifting height of the lift should be level with the ground. Customers who purchase loading dock lifts need to know the maximum height to which the cargo can be lifted during daily cargo loading and unloading, and then use this height to determine which type of dock lift to choose.


Motor Power

Motor power refers to the mechanical power output by the motor in the scissor lift hydraulic system. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer has already selected the appropriate motor power when assembling the hydraulic system.


minimum height

The minimum height refers to the height from the platform to the chassis of the scissor lift when the scissor support frame is in the folded state. This height depends on the size of the lifting platform and the maximum lifting height. If you have special needs for height, you can choose my low profile scissor lift.



Due to the different voltages around the world, the scissor lift provides four different voltages, namely 220V, 240V, 380V, 415V. When choosing a lifting platform, be sure to provide the local rated voltage to the manufacturer to ensure that the received product can operate normally. If you don’t know your local voltage, you can refer to this table.