What are the Key Parameters of Dock Leveler

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There are some key parameters when buying a dock leveler you have to consider.
  1. Load capacity. It refers to the highest load in your work condition. Usually they offer a load range from 4t – 14t. You should choose the right capacity according to your actual needs in order to have the best performance and safety.
  2. Dock deck size. It refers to the size of the loading platform. Check your warehouse door and forklift. If the size allows your car and goods access, and suits the pit, it is OK to work.
  3. Operating range. It means the max inclined angle between your loading car and warehouse. You need to check this and make the dock platform connect both sides.
  4. Operating method. Apart from manual type, you need to learn about how to operate raise and down the dock within safety rules. Check if there are environments required for dock leveler working.