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Hydraulic cargo lift is an electric AC powered vertical platform lift that actuated by hydraulic cylinder and chains. As an economical and practical solution of transfer materials or cargo between different levels or floors, hydraulic cargo lifts are widely used in retail stores, shopping centers, warehouses and mezzanines, self-storage centers and mining and manufacturing factories, production plants, logistic centers and so on.


Also named at Mezzanine lift, warehouse lift, freight elevator, freight lifts, freight hoist etc, cargo lifts from LG LIFT has been installed and used in more than 135 countries of the world. A safer and worker-friendly environment is created with integration of LG cargo lifts into customer’s production areas.


A typical hydraulic cargo lift normally composed of the lead rails, the platform cart, hydraulic cylinders and lifting mechanical together with a motor station with hydraulic oil inside the station oil tank, and the electric control system. People press the control buttons to control the platform goes up or down. And at any floor, the lift could be called, easy to learn and use like elevators we use in daily life.

Most of our cargo lifts are customized per customer site conditions. We design and provide freight lift solution based on the loading capacity required, the heights between floors and also the shaft space available at site. Free design and 3D pictures available per customer requires from LG LIFT. There are also some standard lifts with a certain table size for customer choice, they are often installed in an open area where space is not a problem.