What is hydraulic scissor lift?

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Hydraulic Scissor lift is a professional equipment for transporting goods vertically. It is a kind of lift obtained by combining hydraulic technology with lift table. It has a scissor mechanical structure, so that the lifting platform has high stability and load-carrying capacity, and the expansion and folding of the scissors are promoted through the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the lifting platform is more stable and rises and falls at a uniform speed. This makes the vertical lifting of goods more efficient, safe and reliable.


The hydraulic scissor lift relies on the unfolding and folding of the scissor-type support frame to complete the lifting of the cargo platform, and its power is to promote the unfolding and folding of the scissors through the expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder. Because the expansion and contraction speed of the oil cylinder is determined by the flow rate of the oil pump, the speed of the oil cylinder is generally very slow when designing the speed, the speed is 200mm/min, and the diameter of the oil inlet pipe connected to the oil cylinder is Φ6mm. In case the oil pipe breaks, the hydraulic oil can return from the oil inlet, which is safe and reliable.


Scissor lifts table are mainly used for large-scale high-altitude continuous operations in airport terminals, aircraft repairs, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mine workshops. Some products have the function of moving, which can be moved by artificial push or other power.


The hydraulic lifting table runs smoothly, the supporting load is simple to bear, the service life is long, the performance is stable, the operation is simple, the load capacity is large, and the cost is low. And the installation is also very convenient, as long as the ground is flat and the pit concrete is firm, it can be fixed in the pit during installation. Due to the large platform, there is no need to install guide rails, saving space.