What is WheelChair Lift for Home?

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The wheelchair lift is a kind of equipment specially designed and manufactured to help people with limited mobility to move without obstacles in the vertical direction. As a barrier-free device, it is usually installed in private or public places such as homes, businesses, communities, hospitals, schools, hotels, and vehicles. Overcoming steps or similar vertical obstacles for persons with reduced mobility (disabled or elderly), are also used to meet the accessibility requirements of the Disabled Persons Act.
This platform lift is often installed in a home or business as an alternative to a stair lift. Because the stairlift only transports the passenger, not his/her wheelchair or mobility scooter. The wheelchair platform lift can accommodate wheelchair vehicles, and the disabled or people with reduced mobility can control the wheelchair lift by themselves just by pressing the operation button. If you are in a public place, you can easily go up and down the stairs with the help of the staff.
The wheelchair lift is simple in structure, small in size, and light in weight. It is easy to use, and the height can be adjusted at will without manual support. Easy to operate, just press the button or remote control to control the lift. High safety performance, the wheelchair platform has an anti-slip function and is equipped with sensors, which can prevent the movement of the wheelchair during the lifting process and can automatically stop running and give an alarm when there is a failure. When abnormal operation and obstacles are encountered during operation, the wheelchair lift platform will not be able to operate or stop running immediately. In terms of maintenance, the wheelchair lift adopts a modular design, which is easy to replace parts and repair and maintain. It is equipped with safety protection functions such as electrical protection devices and anti-leakage devices.
Wheelchair lifts are affordable for ordinary families. The wheelchair vertical lift is small and flexible and can be installed in a variety of ways, requiring only a small space for installation. The lift for the disabled can be installed directly on the ground, without the need for a supporting pit for civil engineering. The construction is simple, the product is placed outdoors, it is not easy to accumulate water, it is not easy to rust, and it is easy to maintain. Ideal for families with elderly or disabled persons who have limited mobility.