Anti Rust Improvements for Outdoor Wheelchair Lift

There was customer report, after a while of outdoor use, some area of wheelchair lift got rusty. Our management attached much attention on this customer complaint.

We did some research, local using environment is quite moist and near to sea. The salinity air is not so friendly to some steel parts of the wheelchair lift. Though the main railing and parts are aluminum. Some platform frames and platform base is powder coated steel. Also during installation, there might scrapings to the surface. All these adverse factors caused the rusty result.

To avoid this happen, customer is suggested to repaint the scraping areas after installation finished, to protect the steels get rusty soon.

At the same time, we improved from production process too. Platform frames are all changed to zinc coated steel tubes now, and protection plates also use zinc coated type. This will help to improve the rusty risk fundamentally.

Honestly, it is unavoidable for small areas get rusty with time going on for those lifts used outdoor. Customer could also consider fully enclosed home lift that could avoid this happen for ever.

LGLIFT appreciate customer feedback and face problems directly. Grow together with our customers and delivery value to our customers. Thanks a lot to all those customers provide with suggestions and comments.